is a scouting, placement and management agency in modeling created in 2016 by Jay Saint-Mary and Alexandra Chaillot, great actors of scouting for years.

Jay Saint-Mary started in the fashion world as a model in the 90s and is revealed to be a great asset on the other side of the camera as a booker and head of the department “New Faces” for many years, but it’s in scouting that Jay Saint-Mary is fulfilled and has proven himself in various agencies internationally, he is recognized as one of the best so far.

Alexandra Chaillot, has entered the world of fashion as a model at the age of 16, she also has experience in this field and brings with great care to his models his expertise and his passion for modeling.


Both decided to put all their experience, their know-how and their passion in their own agency, WB SCOUTING AGENCY. Focuses on the discovery and development of new models for the largest international agencies.

At WB SCOUTING AGENCY not only do we plan for individual career goals for all our models, but we also develop a special bond with each of them through our presence, our support at all times, our advice and our intervention as a personal agent, managing all aspects of their careers at each key stage to bring our models to the highest level.

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We are in the perpetual search for new models, we are exploring the four corners of the world in search of the faces of tomorrow, men and women.


In order to make a professional presentation to modeling agencies, we work with great photographers who will carry out a Polaroid photo shoot in order to have a first visual of the photogeny of the manikin and a first experience of the profession at the same time. We will also do a video presentation, where the model will scroll and appear in front of the camera so that agencies can analyze the experience of the model and thus better know and know the points to work. A measurement will also be taken.


Once the material is in hand, we will select the agencies to which to present the model at the national and international, depending on the personal situation and requirements of the manikin (studies on paris or abroad, professional work).  


We act as a personal agent managing all aspects of the manikin’s career at each key stage. This goes from the slightest change in the physical appearance of the model (hair cut, colorations, …) to the choice and advice of the best national or global campaign to bring the model to the highest of its capabilities and its ultimate goal in modeling.

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